Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Product Review: Lays Classic BLT Potato Chips

I was totally stoked when I learned of the existence of this product.  BLT?  I knew I had to get my hands on these ASAP.  But, going into it, I had 2 concerns: 1) I don't like the taste of raw tomatoes.  If these turned out to be too "tomatoey" I wouldn't like them.  2) It is allergy season here in FL.  I'm beginning to be perpetually stuffed up, which affects my sense of smell and taste.  Thankfully, my oh-so-lovely wife is always willing to lend me her taste buds.  Teamwork, kids.  It's what marriage is all about.

The main flavor I get is sort of a smokey bacon.  Very salty, which I always like.  Julie describes it as more of a ham flavor.  The more she ate, the more she picked up subtle tomato flavors.  They definitely earned her seal of approval.  She was willing to give them at least 4 ghosts.

Even though my taster and sniffer are not 100%, I definitely liked what I was tasting.

Rating: 4 out of 5 ghosts.

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