Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Shut Up and Dance!

When our 4-year-old is running around and we have the TV on, we always try to find something to watch that is either: A) kid friendly, or B) not kid inappropriate.  So, this afternoon we had America's Best Dance Crew on.  Seemed like a safe choice.  Nothing real offensive there, and lots of colorful characters break dancing and flipping and whatnot.  He sat and watched it for a while, then trotted off to his bedroom.

Next thing we know, he comes back to the living room with an armful of toys.  He separated three of them and put them on the table, then started making the other toys jump and flip around.  Then, he made the three toys on the table talk to the toys on the floor.

It wasn't until I heard him say, "Nice, clean lines," that I realized what he was doing.  He was playing ABDC.  The three toys on the table; Ernie, Jeff Wiggle, and Buzz Lightyear, were the judges, and the other toys were the performers.  Ernie was the mean, hypercritical one.

I love the way his little mind works.


  1. Ernie must have been channeling Bert.

  2. the sweet adorable Ernie has a dark side....sounds like my daughter...haha!