Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts on Wall-E

My four-year-old is finally big enough to sit through entire movies, so we've been slowly exposing him to the wonders of the Disney catalog.  We are proceeding carefully because he is a sensitive little guy (he cried when Master Shifu wouldn't let Po eat his dumplings. He was being "too mean" to the panda.) 

One of the ones we watched recently was "Wall-E."  He loved it.  No big surprise there.  Who doesn't enjoy robots running amok and smashing into each other?  But, as the adult viewer, I of course picked up on the deeper messages of the film: protect the environment, dangers of being too reliant on technology, the importance of human interaction.  I get it.


I had a really long week at work, in my cubicle. Buried under a literal mountain of paperwork.  Forced to try to fix problems I did not create, and do not understand, with large amounts of money at stake.  Very stressful.  And, while I understand the point "Wall-E" is trying to make, right now, the thought of spending my life on a hover chair while being waited on by robot slaves sounds pretty darned awesooooooome!  Just sayin'.

Side note:  Right now he's obsessed with the movie "Peter Pan."  Not exactly the role model I had in mind, for a variety of reasons.  Keeping an eye on that....


  1. What I don't understand is how he can be so upset at the dumpling thing, but doesn't bat an eye when Captain Hook shoots a shipmate or when the Lost Boys knock Wendy out of the sky.

    1. Hm... I've been thinking about this. I think he tends to get upset when people don't act the way they're "supposed" to. Cpt. Hook is always the bad guy, but Shifu is Po's friend. Friends are supposed to be nice. Bad guys are suppsed to be bad.